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Hi-Tech Q & A

Hi-Tech Hose has been established as a new leader in our industry based on technology, utilization of advanced raw materials and a problem solving approach to the marketplace. Customer satifaction is the cornerstone of our company. We welcome any comments, suggestions, advice or requests that would help us serve your needs in the best possible manner. Please feel free to contact our inside sales department with any further questions or concerns.

Q. What diameters and lengths does Hi-Tech Hose offer?

A. Hi-Tech manufacturers diameters that start at 10mm and go as large as 36" diameter. Standard lengths are 25 and 50 feet long. Many Hi-Tech products are available in up to 100 foot lengths.

Q. Does Hi-Tech Hose offer other items not seen on the web site?

A. Hi-Tech's unique extrusion process allows us to customize a hose to suit your application. Whether you need a special hose color, wearstrip, color stripe, special diameter hose, or a special material to solve you problem, Hi Tech Hose can help. We specialize in hose and ducting solutions. Please consult us on specifications, minimums and pricing.

Q. How do I know which hose to choose for my application?

A. You can either look through our products section on our web site or call 1-800-451-5985 and be assisted by our knowledgeable, technically trained customer service/sales team to help you choose a hose that best suits your hose and ducting need.

Q. What is the most chemical resistant flexible hose that Hi-Tech carries?

A. We have many types of hose that handle various chemical fumes. Our most versatile hose in regards to chemical fumes is RFH or RFH Plus.

Q. What is Hi-Tech's most abrasive resistant flexible hose?

A. Hi-Tech has a line of urethane hoses (UFD family), to handle abrasive applications.

Q. Which hose would Hi-Tech recommend for clean room applications?

A. Hi-Tech Hose offers many hoses for clean rooms. UFD Clear, CVD Clear, and RFH White are our most popular products for this purpose.

Q. What hose should I use when dragging the hose during an application?

A. We would recommend using a hose with a protective wearstrip covering the helix. RFHW is our most popular hose for customers that require a wearstrip.

Q. Do you have any hoses that will work to remove static charge from the hose?

A. Hi-Tech has two hoses that will dissipate static better than anything on the market today. Our UFD-SD and SDH are a great choice for static applications.

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